I am at post; I intend to see out mandate- Kwabena Agyepong rubbishes resignation report

The New Patriotic Party General Secretary has dismissed assertions he has resigned from office.

Minutes after news trickled in that he had resigned from office, Kwabena Agyepong told Joy News’ Evans Mensah “I am still at post. I have not resigned and I intend to see out my mandate.”

Joy News had received the statement of resignation on the NPP letter head bearing the signature of the NPP General Secretary sent with the e-mail address of the General Secretary.

“By this statement, I hereby inform the Party and the general public that I have resigned as the General Secretary of the Party. This morning, I sent my formal resignation letter to the National Council of the Party. I, however, remain committed to serving the Party in my individual capacity as a member and it is my hope and prayer that we win the 2016 general elections to alleviate the economic hardship inflicted on Ghanaians by the incompetent and corrupt John Mahama Administration.”

Shortly after the news went public Kwabena Agyepong returned with a rebuttal, rubbishing the resignation story.

He told Joy News the statement never came from him. According to him, he had been at home the entire period and could not have written a letter with the letter head of the party.

He suspected his email address may have been hacked by evil forces within the party.

No it’s not coming from me. This is the height of…i don’t know how to describe it. I don’t how people will go this low.” he said when he was asked whether the

“I have not resigned and I am just totally baffled with this kind of attitude,” he stated.

“I have not signed any letter; I have not issued any letter. I am still at post… people have been able to fake my e-mail address.

He said he won a clear election and would not badge to negative pressure from the public to resign.

“I earned my position and intend to see out my mandate,” he insisted.

Kwabena Agyepong described as illegal attempts by the party’s regional executives to have him and the Paul Afoko to resign.

“If there are people in my party who want to push for my removal there are constitutional process that they should follow. None has been followed.

“What has been happening all around the country is an illegality. It is shameful. It is should never have happened because that is not what our constitution prescribes us to do.

“Clearly these are unseen hands; people who want to destroy our party; bring the name of our party into disrepute. All that they have tried to do this past two weeks; even to try and hang murder around my neck.

“I am a very firm, strong person and resolute. By the Grace of God I believe in what i am doing I know i am right I am going to stick to my position. Those who think i am going to resign better think about that. I am not going to resign. Those who want to impeach me can go ahead. I will make sure they will lose the impeachment effort.

“Good will eventually triumph over evil. The evil forces at play who are trying to destroy it, they can’t do it,” he insisted.

“I intend to see my mandate to 2018 when it expires. I have not resigned and i want it to be categorical that i have not resigned,” he insisted.


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