14-Year-Old Girl Gets Paid To Have s*x With 500 Men In Hotel While Being Recorded


A man was arrested on charges of r*pe after allegedly having s*x with a young girl in a hotel room while recording the acts, police in Japan said. Ibaraki Police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Tsuyoshi Kuwana, on charges of human trafficking for using the 14-year-old girl as an actress in adult videos. Scoop has more:

According to the police investigation, Kuwana paid $1,220 to purchase the young student for recording illegal acts in a hotel room in Tsuchiura. Police raided the man’s home, where they found about 100 DVDs with him having s*x with underage girls.

Police arrested the manager of an adult video production company, 25-year-old Kentaro Abe, on charges of prostitution for allegedly selling the 14-year-old girl to 500 men.

Abe also faces charges of trafficking. Abe advertises the services of the girl at rates ranging from $80 to $325 per session. As compensation, the girl received $20 per session. The girl earned Abe around $14,600 per month.