Prof Adei rekindles debate on government handing over mission schools

Professor Stephen Adei, former Rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), at the weekend rekindled the debate on government handing over mission schools to the founding religious organisations.

Prof Adei made this known in Accra during the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI) Second Public Anim Memorial Lectures on the theme: “The Impact of Christianity on National Development with Special Reference to the Role of Pentecostalism.”

The Anim Memorial Lectures was instituted by CACI in February in 2009 to immortalise the image of Apostle Peter Newman Anim, Father of Pentecostalism in Ghana and Founder of the CACI.

It was also to educate the public of the important role the Apostolic Movement and Pentecostalism have played and continue to play in the development of the nation.

The former Rector observed that a major reason many clamour to educate their wards in schools founded on the sweat and prayers of the missionaries is that they are deemed the best.

“Instead of Christians being asked to compromise on providing only facilities and practice of Christianity in the Christian schools, the effort should be directed at upgrading and managing other schools to the same level as the Christian led ones.

“Every Ghanaian knows that with very few exceptions, the best secondary schools in Ghana are those set up by the missionaries, with Achimota School, Ghana National College being the exceptions,” Prof Adei added.

He said: “The most important factor however is that the quality of the Wey Gey Heys, Mfantsipims and their equivalents like T.I Ahmadiyya is the result of the commitment, integrity and discipline that the management of these schools by virtue of their faith have brought to bear on education in those institutions. That should not be undermined,” he stated.

He said every child who qualifies to go to Mfantsipim, Wey Gey Hey, Presec, Adisadel, St Augustine, Opoku Ware, would have no difficulty in getting admission into non-Christian schools.

Prof Adei added that there are options for those who could abide by the norms of the Christian schools.

“Politicians who think courting the votes of minorities will boost their political fortunes do so because they think that they can take the Christian majority’s votes for granted.

“They should be told unequivocally that while true democracy should never lead to the trampling of the rights of minorities, it should neither lead to a situation whereby the protest of the minorities is allowed to cow the majority.

“We should aim at educational opportunities for every Ghanaian child but also freedom to exclusively practise the tenets of the faith of one’s religion,” he said.

The former Rector noted that Christian schools were established to promote Christianity and unless it could be shown that Christian schools receive the lion’s share of state resources no one should interfere with their running along Christian lines.

He urged the churches and especially the Pentecostal and Charismatic to invest massively in pre-university education.

“If we want to provide our children with education that is highly intellectual, godly and socially balanced our investment should be pre-university education even more than at the tertiary level,” he said.

Prof Adei acknowledged that the impact of the divine fire, which God used his servant, Apostle Anim to start is the most important feature of Christianity in Ghana now touching; every aspect of the national life.

Apostle Dr Stephen Kwame Ntow Amoani , CACI Chairman , in his welcome address said leadership in the country needs the power of the Holy Spirit in leading and solving the various challenges the nation is going through.

“I will like to urge all Ghanaians to continue to fervently pray for our nation and our leaders in this trying moment for it are only the power of God and the Holy Spirit that can save our dear nation,” he said.

He urged the youth to seek the face of God, and to be filled with the righteousness of God as they prepare to take the leadership mantle.

Apostle Dr Alfred Koduah, former General Secretary, Church of Pentecost, who chaired the lecture, lauded Apostle Anim for his humility and respect for the Bible.

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