Litigation: No out of court settlement with Dr KK Sarpong – Kotoko Management

Kotoko will not go for an out of court settlement in the case involving it and its former Executive Chairman, Dr. K. K. Sarpong, the club’s management told the club’s website.

Dr. Sarpong’s lawyers recently filed a writ at the Kumasi High Court, Commercial Division, demanding GHȼ537,247.000 being an outstanding loan their client gave to Kotoko during his tenure as an Executive Chairman.

Kotoko, a couple of weeks back, filed its defence responding to Dr. Sarpong’s claims. Days following the publication of Kotoko’s defence by section of the media, calls for an out of court settlement of the case gained prominence.

Some football enthusiasts including a handful of Kotoko supporters started requesting that, the case be settled out of court but  an out of court settlement is well off the radar.

According to the club’s website, Kotoko would pursue the case to its logical conclusion in court. ‘Kotoko want the case to be resolved by the court and in court. There’s no chance of an out court settlement’ the source stated.

‘Anybody thinking of an out of court settlement should forget about it. It’s not going to happen. Kotoko have been dragged to court. Kotoko lawyers have responded to the claims made against it. When the case is finally called and the legal battle begins, the club’s lawyers will argue their case as expected’ the source said.  

 ‘From the information available, Kotoko haven’t sued any individual or any club. Kotoko haven’t taken anybody to court. Kotoko haven’t instituted any court action so where from those appeals? Why are they not appealing to those who sued Kotoko?’ asked our source. 

‘Kotoko won’t go for an out of court settlement. If people are bent on seeing Kotoko doing that, they should stop because it will not happen. It’s important to note that, Kotoko is well positioned to fight this case. Let no one be deceived; Kotoko will make a strong legal representation in court’ added the source.

‘Tell Kotoko fans out there not to be worried by this case. The club will fight it out. They should rather be circumspect when commenting on the case’.


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