Man Goes unclad To Protest Overbooked Flight At Airport


Travelers at North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport said a man stri*ped unclad in the concourse because he was mad about an overbooked flight. UPI reports:

Witnesses said the man became angry when he was told his US Airways flight to Jamaica was overbooked Wednesday, leading him to strip unclad and stand in the concourse without a stitch on his body for about 40 minutes. One traveler, Sherry Ketchie, shared photos of the unclad man standing among the passengers, which included children.

“I seen some people running and I was wondering what they was running from and people were standing there snickering, so I walked over and [an airport employee] told me the man was angry over the Jamaican flight,” Ketchie told WBTV.

“He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk,” she said. “He stood there for a moment and then started talking off his clothes. I ain’t never seen nothing [like that] in my life.” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said the man was taken to a hospital for evaluation.