Principal Wipes Blackboard With Student’s Head Because He Refused To Clean It


Parents in Turkey, are extremely angry after a video emerged, showing a principal wiping a blackboard with a child’s head. The principal of the school in Ankara, wiped the blackboard with the student’s head as punishment for not having cleaned it.  Odd News Blog reports:

Another student secretly recorded the incident with a cellphone before uploading it to the Internet. The principal was identified as Suleyman Yigit.

Yigit can be heard yelling at the child for not cleaning the blackboard before pulling him by the ear and slamming his head into it. In February, a principal removed a teenage student’s clothes in front of his classmates. The teen’s mother of Vryheid, South Africa, is demanding that the school fire the principal for stripping her son while other pupils watched.

The incident began when a teenager came to the principal, accusing his classmate of stealing money.  The 7th grade student told the principal that his pocket money went missing and he suspects that his classmate took it. The principal confronted the 14-year-old boy and demanded to know where the money was. However, the boy said he did not take it.

The principal then ordered him to take his clothes off, but the boy refused. The principal then forcefully undressed him while other students were watching through the window.