Japan Embassy Introduces Kendo

HE Yoshimura (L) leading the demonstration

The Ambassador of Japan in Ghana, Mr. Kaoru Yoshimura, last Saturday led in the demonstration of Kendo at the DG Hathiramani Hall of the Accra Stadium.

The Ambassador, who is a Kendo-ka or Kendo practitioner, having witnessed the level of Judo and Karate in Ghana and the talent Ghanaians have displayed in martial arts, was inspired to introduce the new sport.

Kendo originated from what used to be the essential practice for Samurai (Japanese swordsmen) over several centuries.

A sword made of bamboo or wood and a set of self-protective gears are used to practise Kendo, which now has more practitioners than any other martial arts in Japan.

About 4 million people worldwide practise Kendo, with Japan having the largest number of about 1.6 million, followed by South Korea with 0.4.

There are Kendo associations or federations in more than 60 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

In Africa, Kendo is very present in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar.

The International Kendo Federation is the umbrella organisation of all the Kendo Federations. The 16th World Kendo Championship is taking place this month.

Kendo is more than a sport. It has principles to make the individual well developed in the mind and body with the objective of making them very valuable and useful to their communities and countries.

Already, wooden swords (bokuto) have been made in Ghana to kick-start Kendo in the country.

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