PHOTOS, VIDEO: Witch Doctor Forces 2-Day Old Baby To Walk To Cure Fever

The Internet community was shocked after the terrifying scenes of a two-day-old baby who was forced to walk by a witch doctor surface online, Assam, India.


According to local media, a newborn baby boy had high temperature and his parents brought him to a witch doctor. The unnamed woman asked them to strip their baby unclad s part of a religious ritual to rid him of fever. The whole process was filmed by one of the witnesses who later showed it to police officers.

The video shows a woman holding the boy by the back of his neck and forcing him to ‘walk’ across a blanket, as he was crying and looked terrified. Luckily, after the police was informed about the inicent the infant was rushed to hospital where he is now recovering. A so-called witch doctor was arrested.

Commenting on the disturbing situation Rakesh Kumar, a senior official in the Morigaeon region, said:“He was suffering from fever, but now the baby is healthy. We must overhaul our post natal care system, and have directed officials to launch a vigorous campaign.”


Witch doctors are highly popular in third world rural areas, where the majority of population are uneducated and hardly have basic knowledge of baby care. Healers use traditional healing rather than contemporary medicine. In contemporary society, witch doctor is sometimes used derisively to refer to chiropractors, homeopaths, and faith healers.

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