See What Al Qaeda’s Job Application Form Look Like [PHOTO]


Prior to joining the terror group al Qaeda, some potential jihadists were apparently provided a job application form that would not be entirely out of place for an entry-level position at any American company – except for questions like the one about the applicant’s willingness to blow themselves up. ABC News reports:

The form, watermarked with an al Qaeda logo, was released today along with dozens of othernever-before-seen documents the U.S. government said were recovered from Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan after he was killed in 2011. The documents were published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as part of what it said is President Obama’s push for the intelligence community to be more transparent.

The al Qaeda application form as translated by the U.S. government involves a lengthy questionnaire about basic personal details, family history, marital status, and education level. It asks that applicants “answer the required information accurately and truthfully” and, “Please write clearly and legibly.”

It also asks what clerics the applicant listens to or knows and what kind of traveling they’ve done. Do they prefer science or literature? But quickly the questions veer towards those that, depending on the answer, could give al Qaeda a tactical advantage in future operations: Is the applicant expert in chemistry, communications or any other field? Do they have a family member in the government who would cooperate with al Qaeda? Have they received any military training?