Borno SEMA Denies Hunger In IDP Camps

IDPsChairman of the Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Alhaji Grema Terab, yesterday said there was no hunger or distress in any of the 20 designated internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Maiduguri.

The SEMA boss was reacting to media reports which claimed there was hunger at a camp where thousands of people that fled from Bama at the height of the Boko Haram conquests are taking refuge.

Mr. Terab, while acknowledging that the resources of Borno State are being overstretched by the demands of the IDPs, stressed that relevant agencies have never abdicated their responsibility of feeding, providing shelter, medicine and education of children and other basic needs to the IDPs.

“It is therefore very disingenuous for some people to go to the media and discredit the Borno State government on the welfare of the IDPs. We have over 1.5 million displaced people that are living in Maiduguri. Over 120,000 of them are living in 20 designated IDPs camps and we feed them with at least 470,000 bags of assorted food items every day. This is besides providing them water, drugs, sanitary items and toiletries. Of course, we had some challenges at the Bama camp at the weekend as a result of the 24-hour curfew imposed on Maiduguri due to the security challenges which made it impossible for some of the personnel cooking for the IDPs to go to the Bama camp. The delay was for a few hours and it was an isolated incident because we have never failed in our responsibility”, Terab explained.