Airplane Dumps Human Waste On Girl’s Outdoor Sweet 16 Party

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A teenager in Pennsylvania, is distraught after a plane dumped feces on her sweet 16 party, which was held outdoors. The sweet 16 party of Jacinda, was held on the family’s property located in Levittown on Sunday evening. Odd News Blog:

The girl’s stepfather, Joe Cambray, said that about 40 people were at the party when it started raining feces from the sky. Some of the human waste landed on a canopy that Cambray bought just hours before.

Cambray took a water hose and washed down the mess left behind by the airplane. A family member said that five airplanes were flying over them at the time that the incident occurred.

The family filed a complaint with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The FAA said it will investigate the incident as airplanes are required to dispose their waste at an airport.