Liberal Street Court To Hit The Screen Soon

Plans are underway to release a new television series dubbed Liberal Street Court which is yet to hit the screen, the producers have announced.

Liberal Street Court is a groundbreaking television series which focuses on our day-to-day activities, including human right abuse.

The series is very educative and it is a-30minute television series crafted to enlighten viewers on the various provisions in the 1992 Constitution.

Primarily, it dwells on the wide spectrum of the rights and obligations of the citizenry.

Liberal Street Court employs the elements of drama and comedy to educate, inform and entertain and it is centred on two lead characters, Housetable, a 60-year-old human rights lawyer and his secretary, 28-year-old Lily.

In their everyday activities, they encounter situations where people’s rights are being trampled on and they (Housetable and Lily) have to step in and put things right.

At the end of each episode, both perpetrators and victims become educated on the right things to do per the dictates of the Constitution.

A noticeable feature about the duo is that the backseat of their deadbeat car is always packed with books from which he and Lily make quotations to support their sermons.

Though Housetable is self-trusting and officious, he is a likeable personality, in that he is modest, compassionate, humorous and professional. He wouldn’t hesitate to shut Lily up when she makes interpretations during their educative sermons.

Lily on the other hand is obedient, industrious, caring and affable. Despite the contrast in their individual characters, there is a good working chemistry between them.

The producers believe that the series would educate Ghanaians and television viewers on issues affecting the lives of people in the country.

By George Clifford Owusu

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