Elephant Dung On High Demand

The Traditional Chief Priest of the Tigare Shrine in Sirigu-Bugsungo in the Kassena-Nankana West district in the Upper East Region, Obosomfo Nana Bedu Adomolgo II, has confirmed to the DAILY GUIDE that elephant dung has a lot of medicinal properties and plays very important role in traditional and herbal medicine.

According to him, due to its scarcity, the elephant dung has become very expensive so he would not be surprised to hear that some people had fought over the dung of the two elephants seen in Bongo and Yorogo-Kunkua in the Bongo district and Bolgatanga municipality respectively.

Obosumfo Nana Bedu Adomolgo II disclosed in an interview with the DAILY GUIDE that he had used elephant dung on many occasions and had even heard that other traditionalists had been using the same for the treatment of measles in children, snake and scorpion bites and the neutralization of poison in both food and water among others.

‘Usually when you need it for treatment, you have to send someone to Burkina Faso to stay in the forest where the elephants live to get it for the treatment. If it is needed urgently, you have to send someone to the market in Ghana or Burkina Faso to buy it. The elephant dung is very expensive on the market.’

Obosomfo Adomolgo II also disclosed that, some spiritualists also add the elephant dung to other substances to prepare concoction for people who seek to be great, famous and prosperous.

‘You see the way the elephant is? It is big, strong, gentle and rough. Sometimes it can run away from something and another time it can run to the same thing. The elephant is wise and knows when to do something and when not to do it. It is a proud animal and so if someone wants the attributes of an elephant, the dung will be mixed with other items to prepare a concoction for you.’

Asked if he had elephant dung in his shrine, Obosumfo Nana Bedu Adomolgo II answered in the affirmative, saying, he had heard of the appearance of the two elephants at Yelwongo a village between Burkina-Faso and Bongo and went there to collect their dung.

From: Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga

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