Keep Boredom Away With ‘Funny African Videos’ Mobile App

I love Africans, we are a happy people. We are strong, and in the midst of so much, we always come out fine. Life expectancy is generally low, you will admit, according to the books though. However, we have have ways to stay alive, one of them – laughing a lot.

The role that entertainment, especially comedy plays in Africa cannot be over-emphasized. We can say that laughter is one thing that keeps us going in Africa, it’s a vital part of everyday life in Nigeria. We create humor out of everything, just to make the unpleasant situations bearable.

To this end, 7media comes to you with a mobile app which presents you with the best compilation of the funniest videos from the African continent.

Looking for fun on the go, looking to quickly lighten your mood and increase your life span with a minutes, I think we got you.

“FUNNY AFRICAN VIDEOS” presents you with the funniest pictures and videos from Africa, featuring entries from your favorite comedians like Basketmouth, Bovi, Emma oh my God, and even more amazing groups and persons like Wowo boys, Krakstv, Oluwakaponeski, Chief Obi, Aphricanape, Crazeclown, and many more.

I bet you will beg for your breath with these videos.

Interestingly, we keep you updated with new videos every hour, you won’t miss out on any funny video on the continent.

You can download “Funny African Videos” from Google playstore android devices. Download is free.

Compatible versions for Apple and blackberry devices would be launched soon.

Enjoy this app today, laugh out loud with this “medicine on the go”.