Billionaire Hires P0*n Star As Personal Assistant For $8 Million


A billionaire agreed to spend millions to have a Japanese adult movie star as his personal assistant. The mysterious billionaire of China, signed a contract with the popular Japanese star to become his personal assistant. Worldwideweirdnews has more:

The woman will be working exclusively for the billionaire for the next 15 years. Her salary was set at 1 billion yen ($8 million). 22-year-old Rola Misaki signed the “exclusive contract” with an unnamed businessman who works in the entertainment industry.

The adult movie star, who is also known as Rola Takizawa, is half-Japanese and half-Russian. She has become increasingly popular in Japan and China, since her debut in 2012.

The nature of the personal assistant’s duties were not made public. However, photos were recently posted online showing the couple together in Beijing. They were holding hands while the billionaire who wants to stay anonymous, was wearing a mask.