Woman Buried Alive By Bear To Eat Later


A Russian woman has survived being buried alive in a savage bear attack. Mother of two Natalya Pasternak, 55, was walking in a forest near Tynda, in the far-east Amur Region of Russia earlier this week. The bear attacked her and her dog, but a companion who was walking with Pasternak managed to escape and fetch help. Stuff reports:

The rescuers, including a wildlife protection specialist, were also attacked by the bear, a four year old female. They shot the bear dead before noticing Pasternak’s hand jutting out of the ground. Pasternak was alive and conscious, but badly injured, buried under a pile of leaves. According to local paper The Siberian Times, the bear was saving her to eat later. “Have you killed the bear?” she asked her rescuers.

Pastermak was taken to hospital in state of shock. She remains there with severe injuries. Graphic images show her covered in blood and leaves at the scene, with claw wounds on her arms. Sergei Ivanov, the wildlife specialist, told the Siberian Times that the rescue team did not feature any policeman or doctors. He describes the scene as the rescuers approached.

“I walked softly. The predator at this time was guarding its prey and, not wanting to share it with competitors, it jumped out of the trees to the noise. I waited until it came closer and shot from six metres – four shots, with the fifth to the head,” he said. “Only underwear remained on the woman. Her clothes were torn.”