14-Year-Old Student Who Wrote His Number On Board So Girls Can Call Him Got A Call From His Female Teacher Instead And They Had s*x For Months


A teacher pleaded guilty to having s*x with her young student.  The former high school teacher of Florida, pleaded guilty to s*xual offenses, admitting that she had an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old boy. Scoop has more:

In court on Wednesday, 34-year-old Irene Khan admitted to initiating contact with the child after he jokingly wrote his phone number on a chalkboard in class in order to get female classmates to call him. Rather than a classmate, Khan took the number and sent a message to the child later that day. She wrote: “Hey, what’s up it’s Irene.”

Investigators said the mother of two children of West Melbourne, arranged to meet with the boy in motels, where they had s*x. Police said that Khan also had s*x with the boy in her apartment and in her car. The illicit relationship continued for several months before officials learned about it.

The 8th grade teacher was fired from her job at the same time she began the relationship with her student. Prosecutors said that the teacher lost her job due to inappropriate behavior unrelated to the case. They said that she had been in trouble for picking up her top and showing students her tattoos.