New Zealand Man With No Arms Demonstrates Shaving With His Feet [PHOTO]


A New Zealand man born without arms posted a YouTube video to answer a common question from friends: How does he shave with no hands? UPI has more:

Jase Smithyman of Auckland said he started his YouTube channel, dubbed Wingless, to post a series of videos answering questions from friends about how he performs everyday activities without the use of hands.

Smithyman’s first entry into the series shows how he uses his feet to brush shaving cream onto his face and uses a razor held between his toes to shave.

Smithyman said he has to keep his feet “in good condition, otherwise it’s kind of gross.”

The vlogger posted a second video in the series, showing how he uses his toes to use a “standard Bic lighter.” Smithyman said future videos could include tasks such as making a sandwich, working as a music producer and playing musical instruments.