Husband And Wife Contesting For Same Council Seat In Washington State


A Washington state city councilman said he was “surprised” to learn his wife is also seeking an office — the one he has held for six years. Roy Runyon, who represents District 6 on the Bremerton City Council, said he was shocked to discover his wife, Kim Faulkner, had filed to run for his seat in the August primary. UPI reports:

 “I was surprised,” Runyon told KING-TV. “I said, ‘Boy, you could do a really good job.’”Faulkner said she decided to join the race after six years of watching her husband on the council.” I just sat down and said I think the city of Bremerton, District 6, needs more qualified people to run for office,” Faulkner said. “I’m going to put my name in the hat.”

Runyon told the Independent Mail his wife “might have a different approach” to serving on the council. “She’s eminently qualified. She’s not experienced in government. But she does have a different approach,” he said. Faulkner said she gives her husband an “A-” for his work on the council. “I feel Bremerton has a lot more we need to do,” she said. “He’s very straightforward with his approach. Maybe a softer approach would be better.”

“I feel I’d be the better candidate,” Faulkner said. Richard Huddy, who filed for candidacy a day before the married couple, said he initially wondered whether Faulkner’s candidacy was an attempt to knock him out of the race. “She and I are in agreement that there is a better candidate than the incumbent,” Huddy said. “Regardless of what her motivation is for filing, I’m going to be very interested to see where we differ on the issues.”