Tumu residents accuse police commander of corruption; demand his removal

Some residents of Tumu in the Upper West Region have embarked on a demonstration to demand the removal of the District Police Commander there.

They are accusing Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Benjamin Samani and two other officers of various acts of corruption.

Leader of the demonstrators, Razak Vemmie, said although the commander has been transferred from the district, he has refused to leave.

He accused ASP Samani of auctioning a Land Rover vehicle belonging to the police to himself.

According to him, the Commander took off an air conditioner fitted in his office when he was informed about his transfer.

He said anytime the commander was informed about an armed robbery, he complained that the police did not have means to tackle the situation, although he has three vehicles at his disposal – one of which he uses to assist his wife in her chop bar business.

He also accused the Commander of supporting two other officers in the district to appropriate exhibits collected from robbery cases to themselves.

However, in an interview on Joy News, ASP Samani denied all the allegations leveled against him.

He said Razak is demanding his removal because he orded Razak’s arrest for a crime he committed and went into hiding.

He said the air conditioner he removed from the office was purchased and fixed from his own resources. He, therefore, decided to remove it when he was transferred from the area.

ASP Samani denied claims he supported some police officers to seize and use a motorbike used for robbery. The motorbike, according to him, is in police custody and no officer is making use of it.

ASP Samani said he has resumed work at his new post in Lawra and is not in Tumu as the demonstrators claimed.

He also denied that he was transferred from the district due to allegations of corruption leveled against him.

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