Women Kill Couple For Unfriending Them On Facebook


A mother and a daughter were arrested, charged and convicted of murder after killing a couple for unfriending them on Facebook, prosecutors in Tennessee said. A jury has convicted the mother and her daughter in the double murder that prosecutors say was driven by the women being deleted as a friend on Facebook. Odd News Blog reports:

The jury found 64-year-old Barbara Potter and 35-year-old Jenelle Potter, both of Mountain City, guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree murder.

The two women killed 36-year-old Billy Payne and 23-year-old Billie Jean Hayworth, both of Johnson City. The women denied having any connection with the murders.

According to the police investigation, the women persuaded two men to kill the couple because they were unfriended on Facebook. The couple were found shot dead in their home, and their 6-month-old boy, who was left to die of hunger, was found by police in his dead mother’s arms.