Python has surgery after swallowing tongs

A pet python in the Australian city of Adelaide has had surgery to remove a pair of BBQ tongs it accidentally ate, according to local media.

Owner Aaron Rouse was feeding a dead rat to his snake, named Winston, when the reptile swallowed the tongs.

Mr Rouse enlisted the help of a veterinarian at Adelaide University to perform the operation to extract them.

“We were able to remove them quite easily once we got the big end out,” Dr Oliver Funnell told ABC news.

Snakes have the ability regurgitate food if they have a change of heart, but Dr Funnell says he was not confident Winston would be able to regurgitate the tongs “even if he tried”.

The snake’s owner told local media he was “dumbfounded” when Winston gobbled up the tongs

The basic shape of the tongs is clearly seen in the X-ray images

This image shows the serrated edge on one side of the tongs

Adelaide University veterinarians performed the surgery on Winston

Winston is said to be on his way to good health

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