Chinese Billionaire Takes His 6,400 Employees On $14.5 Million All Expenses Paid Vacation To France


A billionaire boss showed his appreciation to his workers by sending them on an all expenses paid vacation. However, this was no small feat. The man has 12,000 employees and he paid for 6,400 employees to fly to France. Odd News Blog reports:

Chinese billionaire, Li Jinyuan, gifted more than half of his 12,000 employees with an all expense paid trip to France. The trip was in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his company.

57-year-old Jinyuan is President of China’s Tiens Group. He treated 6,400 members of his workforce to a 4-day trip to Paris, costing about $14.5 million. Jinyuan booked 140 hotels in Paris, and 4,760 rooms in Cannes and Monaco. He also paid for the sightseeing tours of the attractions.

Christian Mantel, who is the head of the French tourism development agency Atout France, said that officials are doing all they can to accommodate the wishes of the group. “We have mobilized public services as well as tourism professionals, hotels, restaurants, shops and designer brands,” said Mantel.