ADB Top Man Eyes MD’s Job

Stephen Kpordizh
After weeks of revolt against the Board of Directors and the Managing Director of the adb, it has emerged that a top executive member of the state-owned financial firm is the brain behind the internal rancor.

Information gathered by BUSINESS GUIDE indicates that an Executive Director of the bank, who is eyeing the post of the MD, has deployed strategies to unseat his immediate boss, Stephen Kpordzi and other directors of the bank.

According to sources, the Executive Director is using the bank’s workers’ union and the Union Industry, Commerce and Finance Workers (UNICOF), umbrella union of all financial institutions in the country, to achieve his objective.

‘It is a surprise to see the front of the two union bodies coming together to champion the same cause of getting the MD out when in actual sense UNICOF should have been the mediating body to seek for a common ground in the impasse between the workers union of the bank and its top management staff, the sources said.

According to the sources, the majority of the aggrieved staff of adb and UNICOF expressed unhappiness about the state of affairs after they discovered that they were being used by the said executive Director to fight for the number one position of the bank.

The source alleged that $35,000 has been paid to a union member by the said top executive to lead the fight to oust the embattled MD.

Most of the aggrieved staff have come to the conclusion that the said executive director is bitter and jealous of the numerous benefits the MD is enjoying. He wants to have two official vehicles assigned to him just like Mr. Kpordzi since he is almost at par with the MD, they claimed.

BUSINESS GUIDE learnt that moments after last Wednesday’s meeting between management of adb and government officials, the said Executive Director summoned his collaborators, including some members of UNICOF and workers of adb, to strategize at a popular joint at Labone in Accra.

The sources said some operatives of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) trailed the said executive director while he was pursuing his agenda.

He has since been invited for questioning by the law  enforcement agency.

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