Kofi Laing back to Joy FM where he belongs

There is nothing more exciting than a smooth drive in the latest Lincoln on a breezy night with a sweet Lionel Richie love song buzzing in your ears..

That is the kind of roller-coaster experience listeners of Joy FM’s Late Night Express will be treated to when the newest addition to the Joy FM empire- Timothy Kofi Laing- fully gets into his groove.

A real star with substance, Kofi Laing returns to the station where he honed his skill and talent at a time Joy FM was at its embryonic stage.

After years of adventure abroad, the man with the golden voice, admirable confidence and armed with a master-class appreciation of music is back on Joy FM where he belongs.

His mission is to keep listeners awake till 12:00 midnight; lift up the spirit of the broken hearted and to keep the restless souls, churning and turning on their lonely beds, a good reason to be happy again.

At least he would put such restless souls to bed like what a sweet mother’s lullaby does to a sweet baby.

Stepping into the shoes of Lexis Bill who hosted the Late Night Express until he was drafted to host the Drive Time is no small job but the smooth-talking Laing promises a thrilling lane on the Late Night Express every weekday from 10:00 pm-12:00pm.

His song selection is without question and even though his charming voice and impeccable English are always a solid repertoire for a programme like this, Laing would rather let the songs do the talking.

He would listen; play the songs you would hate to miss and love to listen and only when it is necessary he would chip in a word, a dedication, a message.

Late Night Express with Laing will be a programme for all- the lovely couple; the lonely single; the broken-hearted; the tired worker; the bored housewife and most especially for you!

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