Kaneshie Mantse Appeals To NGOs To Render Developmental Support

Kaneshie Mantse, Nii Ayitey Kaneshie I who was recently sworn into office, is calling on stakeholders, NGOs and other strong institutions to assist the traditional council to develop the environs of the Kaneshie community.

He said Kaneshie was the second city in the Accra Metropolis, but issues of sanitation, bad infrastructure and many others has been a challenge for people living in the community.

This, according to Nii Ayitey, has endeared him to take charge and handle issues relating development.

‘I think bringing all these stakeholders on board will help develop the whole environs of Kaneshie including the infrastructure in the area of new schools buildings, and job creation for the youth in this community’, he said.

Nii Ayitey disclosed this in an exclusive interview indicating that people migrating to Accra, Kaneshie to be precise to trade and do all kinds of business is a big challenge government must take a second look to ease the pressure of migration.

“In fact, been installed as chief of this community is a dream come true, because I am a business man moving from country to country but being installed as a chief I think I will have to restructure things to fit’. He said.

He again touched on the need for parents to invest in their wards since education was more important in the development of any country.

“I will make sure the youth in this community get the best education needed, inasmuch as I source for partners who can help me champion this course.”

On her part, Naa Ayele Oboasey, Queen Mother of Kaneshie, revealed that she would collaborate with Government and any other agencies that come to champion the cause of women in the process of decision making since women also played very vital roles in the development of the country.

She advised the youth to desist from any form of social vices including sexual abuse, robbery and teenage pregnancy.

Naa Ayele further mentioned that education programs will be organised for the market women especially on how to handle waste materials, inasmuch as women in the market will abide by the rules and regulations of the AMA.

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