Ga chiefs advise organizers of ‘dumsor’ vigil to meet over protest

Spokesperson for the Ga traditional council says organisers of the Dusormuststop Vigil should “approach” Ga chiefs for a meeting to sort their differences over the May 16 event.

Nii Commey says suggestions that the area where the vigil is expected to take place does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Ga Traditional Council are beside the point.

In a clash of tradition versus democracy, Ga chiefs Saturday petitioned the police to stop claiming that the Dumsor vigil will affect the annual observance of a ban on noise-making which starts from May 11 to June 11.

The vigil is to put pressure on government to accelerate efforts at fxing the power crisis.

The chiefs said the vigil might violate a traditional ban on drumming and noise-making in the Ga Traditional Area.

In response, the organisers of the celebrity-led vigil say the location of their protest against an irritating energy crisis does not fall under the authority of the Ga Traditional area.

The vigil which is to be held at Tetteh Quarshie falls within the La traditional area which is different from the Ga traditional area.

Nii Commey does not know if place chosen for the vigil falls within the jurisdiction of Ga Traditional Area except to say the organisers, “Should approach the chiefs and tell them it doesn’t fall within our part.”

The organisers explained that there will be no resort to noise-making during the vigil.

But Nii Commey insists there is no telling what could happen when a mass gathering is allowed.

He argued many demonstrations in the past have turned chaotic even after promises by the organisers they will remain peaceful.

Nii Commey explained that the chiefs as representatives of God, have in their own “wisdom” banned noise-making throughout the whole Ga traditional

Story by Ghana||Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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