Cremation Simulation: Theme Park In China Offers ‘Death Ride’

Pic shows: A theme park let punter lie in a wooden coffin in a mortuory where ghoulish ride attendants push him into a furnace. A spooky new theme park attraction where punters can experience being cremated has been flooded with crowds wanting to experience the after life. The wacky 4D Death Simulator at the Window Of The World theme park in Shenzhen in Southern China`s Guangdong Province has opened in time for Halloween and let’s punters lie in a wooden coffin in a mortuary where ghoulish ride attendants push them into a furnace. Once inside, the temperature rises to a sweltering 40 degrees Celsius using heat fans. Thrilled fan Ting Shen, 22, said: "I went on it and it’s amazing. "You really feel like you’re being burnt alive. "I feel like I died and came back. "I’m definitely doing that again." A spokesman for the park said: "It’s good fun and completely safe. "The customers can wander around the morgue first and then get to fell how it would be if they were cremated. "It’s already proved massively popular and we expect it to be more so over the Halloween period. "People have a morbid fascination with death and the after-life and this is a good way of experiencing both." But the attraction has so far only appealed to younger crowds. Mum Yue Wan Ho, 43, said: "I went into the morgue bit with my kids who couldn’t wait to get inside the coffin. "But I think it’s all just a little bit too weird for me. "And definitely too scary. "I think I’ll wait until my time is really up before pretending it is." (ends)  

Pic shows: A theme park let punter lie in a wooden coffin in a mortuory where ghoulish ride attendants push him into a furnace.

The Window of the World theme park in China has a new attraction that some are just dying to ride. It’s called Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death, and it’s designed to give riders the sensation of being dead, cremated, and reborn. UPI reports:

First, the visitor goes on a journey through a “morgue.” Next, they are placed in a casket and put on a conveyor belt for “cremation” — which is simulated by a sudden blast of hot air over the rider to simulate flames. The air reaches temperatures up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The attraction also uses flashes of light to give the rider “an authentic experience of burning.” Finally, an image of a womb is projected onto the ceiling and riders must crawl until they reach a white, padded room — where they are “reborn.”

Sound fun? The ride’s creators went to great lengths to make the experience as accurate as possible by visiting a real crematorium and lying inside the incinerator. Window of the World is a cultural theme park instead of a regular amusement park. Other attractions featured there include replicas of France’s Eiffel Tower and its Arc de Triomphe.

When many riders reach the end of the experience they are said to be drenched in sweat. Whether that’s a result of the heat — or being scared to death, is uncertain.