Best ever goal: High School team scores absurd double bicycle-kick goal

Scoring a goal from a bicycle kick is usually an impressive enough feat on its own.

Executing one bicycle kick is hard enough. Two, in perfect succession? Sounds tricky. How about having the second result in a goal? You couldn’t plan it if you tried.

But this South Carolina high school soccer team decided to go for extra style points and pulled it off on Tuesday.

Yes, you saw that right in the video above. That’s a bicycle kick assist to a bicycle kick goal.

Even the players for James Island Charter High School were surprised.

Yasir Al-Kameshi used a bicycle kick to cross the ball. William Ye lined up perfectly to send that cross into the back of the net. 

‘I’m always messing around with bicycle kicks, so I tried it,’ Le told the Post and Courier. ‘I fell and looked back, and then I realized it was in. Then I got up and celebrated. Everybody is saying they’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘The reaction was utter disbelief,’ coach Todd Robinson also told The Post and Courier.

‘The first bicycle kick is remarkable in itself, because it’s so athletic. And then when Le follows it up so cleanly, on a 1-2 play like that … it was amazing.’

Nice try, coach. They totally practiced that.
They went on to win, 3-1, advancing to the next round of the state playoffs.

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