National Tour By Govt Will Help Celebs Understand Our Power Crises & Maybe Boycott #DumsorMustStop Demo The Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi Advises.

Husband to legendary and ageless hi-life queen Akosua Adjepong has pop up to add his voice to issues of the current power crises faced by the country and the tag line #DumsorMustStop it has resulted in, causing Yvonne Nelson to spearhead a demo together with Sarkodie and some other public figures.

The Prophet Larbi told Pink FM’s Manuel King it is conspicuous and not arguable that Ghana’s current state regarding the power crises is perilous and believes the #DumsorMustStop demo may heavily mount pressure on the government and that re-emphasizes the need for the clergy to interceed for the nation.

He again stated the power crises instead of being addressed as a national issue, have been wholesomely politicized and that will not help the country in any form since the power crises is one which existed decades of years ago.

Been probed about a better option possible to ease off the tension, The Prophet Daniel Asamoah –Larbi, president of Worldwide Council of Prophetic Alliance advised government (chief of staff, energy ministry & creative arts industry) to play a fair game by organising a national tour which will include some celebrities, pressmen, public figures and some entrepreneurs to visit both the Akosombo dam site and the Western region Abodze plant site for these people to see the main problem on the ground.

This he said he believes when done will go a long way to stabilize the pressure on government and prevent any future chaos.

“A national tour organised by the chief of staff, energy ministry and the creative arts industry where the president,various celebrities together with pressmen and some citizens will visit the Akosombo dam site and the Aboadze plant site will make our people know and understand the main problem on the ground. I think people think government is just not concerned with the power crises so when the tour is organised to these power sites and they have interactions with the engineers and some other relevant authorities, it will make them know what exactly the problem is, how serious it is and what suggestions have been made to government and how long they think it may last”

On the other hand, Yvonne accompanied by D-Black and some other advocates upon their meeting with the police service have been given the green light to go ahead with the #DumsorMustStop demo on may 16, 2015 and this national tour can be quickly organised before the day

By: Manuel King

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