2016 election is choice between the devil and deep blue sea- Gyampo

A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Dr Ransford Gyampo has said the 2016 election is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The political science lecturer is convinced the ruling National Democratic Congress is “not governing well” and the biggest opposition party does not appear to be ready to govern either.

What is worse, there is no credible third force the Ghanaian electorates could fall on, Dr Gyampo wrote on his facebook wall and later confirmed to Myjoyonline.com.

“At the moment, the ruling government honestly is simply not governing well…the problems they were elected to solve keeps aggravating and their apparatchiks are overly defensive and insulting any time the citizenry voice their dissatisfaction.

“So should we relapse into the dark days of culture of silence that plagued the country during the era of military dictatorship? Is democracy also not about keeping governments on their toes, free speech and tolerance of dissenting views,” he said.

Dr Gyampo cited the precarious power crisis which has affected in no small measure the country’s economic fortunes.

Hundreds have lost their jobs mainly in the SME sector, cost of production has increased drastically and the country’s Gross Domestic Product continues to shrink.

“I have been pondering over this energy crisis and how its negatively affecting small scale business and I keep wondering why we have failed as a nation by electing callous and selfish leaders over the years,” Dr Gyampo said.

Regrettably, the political science lecturer said the opposition New Patriotic Party which ought to have provided a credible alternative to government appears to have lost its way thanks to internal bickering.

“The NPP is simply not thinking about the dangers of internal bickering to their electoral fortunes. The flag bearer seem desperate for power but for now, the party is not ready for power, period!” he stated.

He wondered why the leaders will bury their differences and work together for the good of the country.

“Kufuor knew how to work with Akufo-Addo even when they were not the best of friends. Why can’t the flag bearer and in particular, his loyalists work with the National Chairman and General Secretary even if they aren’t the best of friends?” he asked.

“Given the painful truth that we do not have any credible Third Force in our electoral body politic, we are now faced with a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea! Whether we like it or not, we would have to choose between the Rock and the Hard Place in 2016. This is difficult!” he said.

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