Marriage And s*x: 3 Big Time No-Nos


s*x is a vital part of marriage. Sometimes s*x can become something other than the act of expressing love to your spouse. As we fall into our routine with each other and situations evolve in our lives, the s*x can change. There is nothing wrong with change, just as long as the change doesn’t lead to problems in the marriage. Listed are some things s*x shouldn’t be.

1. s*x shouldn’t be used as a means of control or manipulation. The only thing that should be gained from s*x with your spouse is pleasure. s*x shouldn’t be withheld as a form of punishment. It’s understandable if you are not in the mood after an argument, but sometimes make-up s*x is phenomenal!

2. s*x shouldn’t be done the same way in the same place…all of the time. Start exploring different positions, and try it in new places. You don’t have to do it outside, but think about the shower, a chair in your room or even the living room floor. Also, don’t shy away from bringing adult toys into the mix. Surprising your spouse with lingerie during the workweek (if you have time) or a sensuous massage are some ways to spice it up!

3. s*x shouldn’t be discussed intimately with friends and family. What happens in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom. I know people discuss that they may be happy or unhappy with the s*x, but be careful who you share that with. Some people may relish in your unhappiness. Sharing the steamy, intimate details about what your spouse does may awaken the curiosity in your friends and in some very sad cases, some family members. They may want to experience just how good your spouse really is. Remember, not everyone needs to know all the details.

Now that you know what s*x shouldn’t be, have fun pleasing each other. Refrain from manipulation, don’t be afraid to try something new and please be careful who you discuss your s*x life with!