Kola Boof To Azealia Banks: ”Don’t Buy Whitenicious”


It would seem like Dencia’s bleaching product, Whitenicious, is being hated on by most celebrities.

American femcee, Azealia Banks has been warned against the color-changing skin product by famous author, Kola Boof.

Banks tweeted on May 5 that she needed the product to help lighten her dark knees but Kola jumped on and responded, ”F**k Dencia. This is one gilr I will sock in her damn face.” Adding, ”And your knees will turn gray and be worse looking.”

Confused, Banks replied, ”I saw it had good reviews… I’m usually lazy about this stuff. I’ve tried ambi, ultra glow and everything”.

Kola continued, ”you have some pretty legs Zealia! You do. Don’t over analyze. You are a goddess. Some folks just hate BW[Black Women].”

Another fan later added: ”That Dencia is not pro Blackness”.

Azealia Banks