God will punish you! Kwabena Agyapong curses detractors

In an unrestrained tirade, NPP General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong has summoned his internal detractors to God, predicting divine vengeance against those who are working to usurp his authority.

He was reacting to a series of happenings in Ghana’s largest opposition party in the past few days.

It began after the First Vice Chairman of the party, Freddie Blay, called and chaired a Steering Committee meeting – one he claimed he had no knowledge of.

“If those misbehaving are not careful, we will expose them as those destroying the party. And I believe God will deal with them as well”, he told Okay FM Thursday.

Read a loose transcription of Mr. Agyapong’s submissions on the station below: He spoke in Twi.

The chairman and I have decided to ignore members who are determined to run us down.

Ever since I occupied the General Secretary position, it has been one issue or the other. They think they are destroying me but it is the party that will suffer as a result. I won massively despite all the terrible things people said about me. I’m a firm and strong politician so I intend to face those who are bent on destroying my political career. I’m issuing a caution to everybody.

As the General Secretary of this party, you cannot even file at the Electoral Commission without my signature. It is a constitutional mandate. We operate with structures, rules and regulations in this country.

I saw Freddy Blay’s call once on my phone on Saturday when I was at the funeral. I tried reaching him several times to no avail. I then sent him a text message saying it wouldn’t be possible for me to get to the meeting by 10 am and in any case, can’t the meeting wait another 36 hours to enable us all converge?

On Sunday, his private secretary contacted me but didn’t say anything about a meeting. He simply said they were trying to reach me.

All the rumours that I am destroying the party is unfounded. I have been an active member since 1991 during a period when we were persecuted by the BNI.

How can the first vice chairman of a party cartoon his General Secretary eating fufu in a newspaper he owns? Is he seeking the wellbeing or destruction of the party?

Is it ok to call for a meeting early Monday morning when the General Secretary of the party is bereaved and at a funeral over the weekend?

He should have told me about the meeting because it is my duty to authorize it and invite participants. You should ask the Vice Chairman who was in charge of invitation. It was his private secretary who is not an official of the party. The meeting was not properly set up.

At the National Council, the Volta regional chairman said candidates in constituencies that are difficult to win should be given some special dispensation. But members maintained such a move could influence other regions to also claim such special privileges. In an open discussion, we agreed the laid down rules should be followed. Besides, this is not the first time a General Secretary has used their discretion to waive a requirement of party members.

If a General Secretary of a party issues a directive, how can an appointed deputy regional secretary disregard it? It is only because he is being influenced by some forces. But I know that everything I have done was within the confines of the law and in the best interest of the party.

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