Choose competent people and not rich people as MPs – Ransford Gyampo

A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Ransford Gyampo has said politics in the country has shifted from who is better qualified and competent to who has more money.

He bemoaned the fact that until the situation changes, the quality of representation in Parliament will remain poor.

Speaking Wednesday on Adom FM current affairs program Burning Issues, Dr Gyampo said most people contest parliamentary elections because of their “belly” and not because they have the country’s interest at heart.

“People put themselves up for elections into Parliament not because they want to represent their people, but because they see it as a business,” he said.

He said delegates do not care so much about who represents them in Parliament in terms of their policy acumen and the ability to influence things in their favor but those who can influence them with money.

He said it is time Ghana have people who have achieved something in life and those who are knowledgeable and also have a fine balance between competence and popularity.

He said it is important that youth are given more opportunity into parliament to bring dynamic views to strengthen Ghana’s democracy.

“Although some of the youth who have entered politics have disappointed the country, it will be in the interest of the country to still give the youth chance but must be seasoned and properly mentored to perform well,” he cautioned.

He advised the NPP to be diligent in their vetting and dig deep to find out the motives of those who want to contest as MPs to ensure that they have competent legislators.

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