Simple Things Ladies Should Do For Themselves Without Expecting From Men

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A woman wears several hats — of a mother, wife, sister, daughter and many more. She has a number of responsibilities, which over time tend to take a toll eventually.

With the hustle and bustle of daily stress and dealing with fluctuating hormones, it is little surprise then that most women feel tired and exhausted most of the time. Here’s what will help…

– Gift yourself a spa or salon appointment at least once every two months — everyone deserves a break now and then, and you’re no different! Even an hour of unwinding at the spa will rejuvenate all your senses and renew your vigour for life.

– Sign up for a hobby class. No matter how busy you are, make some time for a weekend hobby class where you learn something new or simply pursue a long-cherished hobby. This is a great way to de-stress and will help distract your mind from the daily stress of life.

– Heard about subscription boxes? They’re all the rage currently. From beauty and lifestyle boxes to jewellery and gourmet food boxes, there is even a ‘period box’! A subscription box is a sweet way to gift and surprise yourself every month. Go for a box that you know will excite you — there are a number of options to choose from.

– Do you have a pet at home? Spend some quality time with it! Pets have an uncanny ability to sense your moods, so instead of pushing your canine away, bond with it and see how your mood perks up.

– Several women also suffer from a vitamin D deficiency — caused due to lack of sunlight. Get yourself tested immediately to know whether you’re deficient. And even if you aren’t, spare some time and go for a walk in the early morning sunshine. Dusk is also a great time for a leisurely walk. Sunshine is known to boost the health in more ways than one.

– Nothing cheers up a woman more than a bunch of her best friends. Make it a habit to catch up with your best buds every now and then. Talking and listening to each other is a great stressbuster.