Rukky Sanda Gets New Tattoo On Her Back [PHOTO]


‘Gold Digging’ star Rukky Sanda has decided to get herself a tattoo like most of her fellow Nollywood actresses.

The not-so-talented Nollywood star shared her new ink o her 68,000 followers on her Instagram last night, May 5 posting a photo of herself admiring the large drawing on her back while sitting on her dressing table.

Sanda captioned: ”I Looked Back In The Mirror & Guess Who I Saw??? #me…? Rotfl… Nnyte…x”.

While some of her fans described her new tatts as ‘hot’ ‘sexy’ and ‘pretty’, others were too distracted with the countless bottles of fragrances behind her b*tt that they kept demanding for some.

Unfortunately, her mirror selfie didn’t caption the tattoo too well for us to tell what exactly did she ink on her skin.