Dr. Yaw Osei Adudwum, an aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate for Bosomtwe constituency of the Ashanti region has narrowly escaped trap set to disqualify him from the parliamentary race, by some people within the constituency.

Dr. Adutwum was allegedly spotted that, he does not own a party card, as well that, he doesn’t vote in the Bosomtwe constituency because he has stayed in London for years.

It was aledged that, the party card he is currently holding was acquired less than a year through illegal means to enable him join the race, which is not accepted by the party constitution, hence need to be disqualified.

On Monday, before the vetting commenced on Tuesday, there was a rumors spread that, Dr. Osei Yaw has been already disqualified from the race.

The rumors called for discrepancies in various areas within the constituency by sympathizers, and trouble hearted many people as well.

Many fingers, pointed at the incumbent mp Hon. Simon Osei Mensah for being behind the mechanism to disqualify his major contestant Dr. Osei Yaw Adutwum.

Constituents, have been blaming Hon. Simon Osei that, he has done no developmental projects for them, since his four terms service in Parliament therefore, needs a change

However, during the vetting when such issue was raised against Dr. Adutwum, he sincerely provide all documents, party cards since his participation in the party and all contributions offered in assistance to the party many years ago which nullified the allegations levelled against him.

After the vetting, over three hundred party supporter’s and delegates who have moab at the premises, to express their love to theit favourite contestant, started jubilating.

Speaking to ModernGhana some delegates confirmed that the constituency truly needs a change and Dr. Adutwum is their hope now.

They said, the aspirant has already started some developmental projects by offering scholarship to over 70 students aand hope will do more when given the mandate.

Though, Dr. Adutwum refused an interview with the press after the vetting upon advice from council of elders.

He said, he will come out at appropriate time when vetting results is out.

Meanwhile, the incumbent mp Hon. Simon Osei MENSAH in an earlier interview with ModernGhana denied fingers pointing at him that, he is behind all the allegations against Dr. Adutwum and called for unity.

He said, people have called on him to resign, but he stated that, “Ghana and my constituency needs me more, so I will resign at appropriate time”.

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