Baby Stolen At Wassa Akropong

A three-month-old baby girl is reported to have been stolen by an unidentified woman at Wassa Akropong in the Western Region.

The alleged incident took place on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at about 3pm near the old chief’s palace.

It is alleged that the baby thief posed as a visitor and agreed to take care of the baby when the mother was reportedly going to the market to purchase some foodstuffs.

According to sources, the parents of the stolen baby got married just last year; and the baby was the first born.

Narrating how the incident occurred in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, Prince Owusu Ansah, father of the baby, said that he deals in bicycles with the help of his wife’s brother around the old chief’s palace at Wassa Akropong.

He indicated that last Thursday was a market day at the town and that normally during such days visitors, mostly traders, from all walks of life come to his shop to relax and converse with one another.

He claimed that on that fateful day, the unidentified woman came to sit near his shop and later his wife, Charity, also surfaced with the three-month-old baby.

He added that when the wife arrived, he saw her chatting with the unknown woman. According to the husband, Charity later asked for money to go and purchase some foodstuffs from the market.

Prince indicated that unknown to him, the woman asked the wife to leave the baby with her so that she (wife) could come for the baby after purchasing the items.

The husband asserted that when the wife left, he also went out to buy some bolts and nuts somewhere in the market.

According to him, he thought the wife had gone to the market with the baby so he did not bother about her (baby).

He added that while purchasing the bolts, his wife’s brother, called Simon, ran to him and said he could not find the woman who agreed to carry the baby when the mother was going to buy the foodstuffs.

Prince indicated that he could not believe his ears because all along he thought the wife went with the baby to the market.

‘I quickly went to the police station to report and I was told to have patience because maybe the stranger was going to buy something. But we waited and wait and till now we can’t find the baby and the woman,’ he narrated in grief.

Some of the residents described the woman as being dark in complexion and not very tall, with some tribal marks on her face.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi

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