Yemi Alade – “I Am Not Crushing On Any Celebrity, I Am In A Relationship”


Despite various reports that the petite powerful voiced singer is single or dating Phyno, Yemi Alade has come forward to tell us her relationship status.

The beautiful singer who recently released the French version of her hit single ‘Kissing’ revealed during a Twitter interview with online promoter Cute Kimani, that she isn’t single.

When asked if she is crushing on any celebrity she said she’s not and is currently seeing someone. “I am not crushing on any celebrity, I am in a relationship” she tweeted.

Who could be the singer who just won the ‘Best West African Act’ at the 2015 Kunde Awards in Burkina Faso be dating?

Yemi Alade has been quiet about her love life despite being the centre of attraction of many men in the industry.

Asked who she will kill, date and kiss, she answered “I will kill a mosquito, date Common and kiss Chris Brown.”