Presidential Staffer Insults Stars, Call Them Prostitute

Alhaji Halidu Haruna

Alhaji Halidu Haruna, a presidential staffer in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, has taken a swipe at some of the country’s celebrities for daring to criticise Government, in the wake of the current energy crisis.

On Saturday, he described the female celebrities who had appealed to the Mahama administration to fix the crisis as ‘prostitutes’, while another NDC commentator, Dela Coffie, said the stars were in their ‘menopause,’ for amplifying the concerns of Ghanaians including businesses.

Halidu, who was a spokesperson for the Ghana Hajj Board, took to his Facebook page to say that Ghanaian female celebrities who were above 30 years of age and not married were prostitutes, apparently referring to  Lydia Forson  and  Yvonne Nelson , who are leading the ‘DumsorMustStop’ campaign.

‘Are those celebrities who are above the age of 30 years and not married responsible? What are they waiting for? Is it the prostitution that they are engaged in which has turned their minds upside down and they don’t sound reasonable again? I have no respect for prostitutes. Let them say whatever they want to say, their mouth no bi gun,’ he posted on his Facebook page.

Since last week, Ghanaian celebrities including Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Sarkodie had been leading the DumsorMustStop campaign to get President John Mahama to fix the current energy crisis which was tearing families and businesses apart.

Yvonne Nelson
A lot of them took to social media to voice their concerns on the extent to which dumsor was affecting the country.

In a series of tweets they registered their disgust about government’s failure to find a lasting solution to the debacle.

Yvonne Nelson followed up with a BBC interview on Friday, saying that assurances by the president to fix the crisis were all lies.

‘The government actually promised they were sending power barges to help the situation. They told us it was coming last April and today is May 1. So it is pretty much full of lies. They keep telling us lies and we are not seeing any results’.

This did not go down well with Halidu, who is eyeing the Ablekuma Central seat on the ticket of the ruling party.

He asked if the celebs who made the comments on ‘dumsor’ had the moral right to talk on national issues.

He heaped insults on them, likening them to ‘prostitutes.’

Halidu claimed that the celebrities were to be considered ‘irresponsible’ as they were above 30 years of age and still unmarried.

Halidu’s comments received mass condemnation, with many people asking if unmarried women above 30 years and working under President John Mahama’s administration were also irresponsible and prostitutes.

Halidu’s remarks however did not deter the celebs.
Outspoken actress Lydia Forson, in her latest letter to the President and posted on her Facebook page, indicated that the general public should be aware that ‘the president really doesn’t care about us; we the little people, we the ones who are not significant enough to be bothered about.’

Musician A Plus also joined the fray and fired shots at Halidu, saying, the man was not in his right frame of mind.

Yvonne Nelson also replied saying she was disappointed in the statement.

‘If what I’m reading from Halidu Haruna is true, then Ooo my goodness! I understand why we are here, in this place as a country!

‘I can’t believe a leader, a grown up man in this country will say such a thing. He should be ashamed of himself. We have a long way to go, GHANA! The movement won’t stop until dumsor stops.’

Halidu, unable to withstand the attacks, backtracked, apologising for the insulting post.

‘I feel embarrassed by my post against the celebrities. I was condemned both privately and publicly by my friends and party faithful. I respectfully admit that it was an avoidable blunder. I honestly and sincerely regret my action and I ask for forgiveness. To err is human,’ he said.

 By Francis Addo

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