Dog Drives Pickup Truck And Its Owners Into Swimming Pool


Dog owners in North Carolina, are traumatized after their pet stepped on the gas of their pickup truck and drove straight into a swimming pool. Odd news Blog reports:

The owners of the dog named Caroline, Michael and Ruth Smith, were driving to a grocery store in Erwin, along with their pet. At some point, the dog got scared and it hid in the front of the vehicle next to the accelerator. Ruth was driving when the 90-pound dog pressed its body on the gas.

Michael tried to pull it off the gas, but the dog refused to move. Ruth tried to keep the truck in a straight line to avoid hitting people and cars.

After a few minutes, she drove into a wooden fence, crashing through it and into a backyard swimming pool. The swimming pool owner, John McNamara, was in the kitchen of his home with his wife.  He heard noises in the yard so he looked out the window and saw the truck in his pool. Michael suffered some cuts on his hand, but other than that, everyone was fine. Unfortunately, the truck was a total loss.