Branding 360 Set To Lift-Off On 9th May 2015

Branding 360 is set to be born on May 9th 2015. The book is simplified guide to practical branding, I can arguably say the search for something on branding that is practicable by almost all ages is here. Branding 360 brings to the fore, the missing link between experts desire to simplify the subject matter branding and professionals quest to practicalize branding.

In an interview with the author, Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah he said,‘’Branding 360 is indeed a simplified guide to practical branding which was foreword by Award winning motivational speaker and Live coach Albert Mensah – a lot to live and endorsed by many experts across the globe and achievers like multiple award winners and Amazon best seller Myrlande E. Sauveur – daily spiritual vitamins and minerals for your soul, Bernard Kelvin Clive author and authority on Branding etc’’.

The practical definition this book gives to branding makes it one of a kind and your first point of call when branding is desired. Branding has moved away from just mere marketing tool via billboards radio/TV adverts to a strategic turn-key unlocking multinational businesses. It is in Branding 369 that you find Efficiency and Feedback made vital instrument of branding. – He emphasized

Furthermore, until you understand how these two play key roles in our everyday personal and corporate operations you cannot fashion them out proper for ultimate reward and this is where this book comes in. What premium has you placed on your feedback mediums? Many great business over the years never compromise efficiency for profit and this book expands examples of nations and business that uses efficiency as a brand key.

Brand identity is one topic that will catapult any serious minded business person not to take details for granted which can serve as a security feature.

In concluding, Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah said ‘’in this 21st century and beyond where social or alternative media has made the wold more global, one cannot just carry his or herself anyhow, this book gives you a guide to have a personal brand. It is in this book that your account is deciphered into you being a product you put up for sale and a character that attracts buyers(investors, partners etc.)’’.

“THIS IS IT” Branding 360 for corporate, institutions, small business and personal branding for direct results and the launch is Saturday 9th May 2015 Time: 12pm at Paloma conference hall- Ring road branch with Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey, MD Graphic Communicationss Group as the guest speaker.

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