The Prophet Asamoah-Larbi Counters Dark Suburb As The Music Band Takes Off Its Website From Public Domain

The music band Dark Suburb has recently come under immense scrutiny as The Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi, husband to music legend Akosua Adjepong criticized the group on their choice of music genre and costume.

The welfare director of Music Council of Ghana explained rock music to be a demonic type of music and later said the auditorium of the 2015 VGMA experienced total change of atmosphere during the performance of the music band under discussion.

It is recorded that (Dark Suburb’s website) talks about the band’s origination and what it stands for and it is from these pieces of information The Prophet Larbi, president of Worldwide Council of Prophetic Alliance spoke against.

Currently, it is reported dark Suburb has taken off their website and this makes it impossible for one to visit the bands website and also has caused many to side with The Prophet Larbi’s statements which he quoted form the same site.

“Dark Suburb has taken off its website from public domain and I don’t know what really made them do this and what they are trying to hide. Are they scared of their own identity and ideology? I entered and their website is gone” he explained with dismay”

Could it be due to the man of God using their own words against them? Or are they hiding their real identity from the public?

Researching and coming up with proof of rock music being satanic, The Prophet Asamoah-Larbi in an exclusive interview with Pink FM’s Manuel King quoted from David Bowie’s saying “Rock has always been the devil’s advocate…I believe rock and roll is dangerous…I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves”

This is what Englishman David Bowie said in Rolling Stone Magazine on February 12, 1976.

The 68 year old singer cum songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger and actor is a rock musician and allegedly known to be a homosexual.

This is where the mind-blowing argument and facts come into play.

I am not on either sides but only writing this story on the account of the facts disclosed to me as a result of the research done by the man of God.

Just ask yourself this question – why would a rock musician come out to say point blank that the genre of music he practises is Satan’s advocate and for that matter demonic?

We’ve had practical instances where some American musicians before their death, popped up to the public domain to testify about the secret societies they are in and the torments they go through.

Will we say these musicians only came out to talk about things which do not exist? Obviously no! I guess for someone to criticize an act of which they are part of, what we can say is that person is being truthful but not hypocritical.

The Prophet Asamoah-larbi will not go back on what he has already said about dark suburb’s ideology and constume and advised Ghanaians and the music industry not to accept them.

He once again quoted from their website which says “before the band can make a transition to the land of the living, they must be accepted by the living. The more they are loved, the more they will be revealed

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