Bunkprugu residents talk peace

Peace talks are underway in Bunkprugu in the Northern Region to effectively deal with the chieftaincy conflict that claimed two lives two weeks ago.

A 4pm to 6am curfew is in place in the area in an attempt to avert further clashes and destructions of properties.

The Security Council is in talks with the two factions in the conflict.

Last week, Interior Minister Mark Woyongo urged the people to begin dialogue.

“I think that they should dialogue instead of using the barrel of the gun to [settle their differences],” he said.

The minister said the ordinary citizens of Bunkprugu desire peace so they undertake economic activities to better their lives.

District Chief Executive for the area Timothy Sampoa has told JOYNEWS elders from the ruling gates have themselves initiated the talks.

He said there are discussions to withdraw a case from court as a first step towards settling the dispute amicably.

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