Blame Politicians And VRA For Dumsor: Prof. Victor Obeng

A retired Chemical Engineer andlecturer from MichiganState University in the U.S.A, Professor Victor Atiemo Obeng, has accused politicians and the Volta River Authority (VRA) for leading Ghanaians into the current powercrises.

“Our political leadership has failed us; they could have done much better than they have done now because they had all the resources and money to prevent this recent power crisis but did nothing,” said Prof Obeng.

According to him,luck of anticipation and misplaced priorities on behalf of politicians has caused the country’s economy to scramble over the years.

“We only hear them borrowing and allocating money to various sectors when reading the budget but never see improvements in those sectors all because they used the money on luxurious vehicles,” he lamented.

Speaking to XFM Newscenter, Prof. Obengexpressed his disappointment with politicians for ignoring the truth.

Politiciansalways misleadGhanaians, adding that the problem is not lack of funds as they say butinstead greediness on behalf of most political leaders.

He said the current capacity of power generated by VRA and other stations are not enough to serve the requirements of the current population and the number of industries that have sprung up over the years.

The total amount of power generated by the country’s hydro, thermal and solar sourced adds up to 2,846.5 Mega Watts which is woefully inadequate.

Prof. Obeng lamented that the population of the country has increased from 6million as at the time the Akosombo dam was built to 26million and therefore expected VRA to have also increased their capacity to match the population.

“The country has developed and uses more power whilst the amount of power we generate still remains the same. This is because we lack vision, planning and implementation of plan,” he stated.

Prof. Obeng who currently serves as the Director of Safe Water Project stressed that the country has enough intellectuals who are competent to provide solutions to the current problem being faced by the country.

The engineer indicated thatover dependenceon hydro power will let the country down.

Therefore he is encouraging politicians and the energy sector to consider other sources likesolar, coal, oil, natural gas and wind to generate more power.

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