Wild Rhino Kills Woman, Chases People In Nepal Street


A woman was reportedly killed in the southern region of Nepal after she was gored by a wild rhinoceros, which wreaked havoc on the town of Hetauda. UPI reports:

The town, about 50 miles away from the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, was literally run over by the massive animal.News reports said the rhino even entered buildings, such as a hospital, bus station and a local market. The animal also appeared to chase motorcycles in the street.

Many people took photos and videos of the animal’s run through town and posted them to social channels. Experts say rhinos are not aggressive animals toward humans, but can be unpredictable when frightened. Officials said there are about 500 one-horned rhinos in Nepal, and the animal is classified as an endangered species.

Officials and citizens tried many things to steer the rhino out of town, but nothing worked — including bringing in trained elephants. Officers were eventually called in to try and tranquilize the animal. Eventually, the animal came to a rest near a hospital and was taken into captivity. Officials are expected to evaluate the animal’s condition and release it back into the wild.