Polygamy Unlimited: Man Fathers 40 Children With 20 Different Women


A man who is an alcoholic and a self confessed womanizer, has 40 children from 20 different women, and guess what – he still wants more.  Scoop reports:

56-year-old Mike Holpin of Ebbw Vale in Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, claims to have lost his virginity when he was just 9 years old.  He had his first child when he was 19 years old. Now, he has at least 40 biological children. His oldest son is 37 and his youngest son is 3 years old. Holpin, a self-confessed womanizer, spoke about his decades of unprotected s*x and said that he will not stop having children anytime soon.

“I am only 56, I want more children,” he said. “In the Bible, God says be fruitful and multiply, I’m doing what God wants,” he added.  The recovering alcoholic said that 22 of his children bear his last name and 18 do not. He gets tattoos to help him remember the names of his children.  However, he has a hard time staying committed to one woman.

He was only in a relationship with 6 of the 20 women he impregnated. Those six women broke up with him because of his cheating and abuse of alcohol. “Because of my drinking and womanizing, most of my children have gone through the care system and that makes me feel like s**t because they have suffered,” Holpin said.

Holpin is determined to reconnect with his children. He began by reaching out to his 21-year-old son Lucas. When asked if he loves his father, Lucas said: “I cannot really say that I love him because he was never in my life.”