Woman Stabs Husband In The Chest Over Okra Dispute


A woman settled a dispute with her husband with a stab from a knife to his chest. The cause of the dispute? Okra. Pulse has more:

A friend of the family told Stella Dimoko Korkus, that the husband had returned home to find his wife cutting okra in their bedroom.

He had then asked her to take it out of the room since it wasn’t appropriate. She refused, probably mumbling something that probably blew his fuse. So he slapped her. She took it calmly and went to the kitchen.

When he went to sleep, her already burning fuse, blew too. And she grabbed the slimy knife and drove it into his chest.

What is most tragic about this news is that the wife is two months pregnant.

One moment of anger from the man, and he’ll never carry his baby. One moment of anger from the woman, and her baby will never have a father.