Husband Super-Glue Wife’s Private Part Because She Had s*x With Her Uncle


A woman in South Africa said that she was devastated for not being able to have s*x for the rest of her life, because her husband put super glue on her private parts because she was cheating on him. Scoop reports:

Her husband allegedly put super glue on her private parts after he caught her cheating on him with her uncle. The woman said that her husband is very abusive, and his anger spiraled out of control when he saw her uncle giving her a ride with his car before dropping her off at their house.

The husband began yelling at her, saying that he will teach her a lesson. The husband pulled a knife and ordered his wife to undress, threatening to cut off her head if she does not comply.

He took super glue and applied it on her private parts. After the incident the man fled from the scene. The woman filed a complaint with the police, but so far, no arrests have been made.